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Gigex Our Process

We're invested in your success - How we work with you


We get to know you and your business

Gigex Step 1

We build long-term partnerships with our clients by building trusted relationships with your team and understanding your goals, values, short and long-term growth plans and business operations.


Understand your desired outcomes

Gigex Step 2

Our team is led by experienced C-suite executives and founders on ALL our client engagements. We approach your current challenges and goals with the perspectives of entrepreneurs, senior business and technology leaders. We are not sales people, we are consultants. Our interests are aligned exclusively with yours. We leverage our entrepreneurial experience and scrappiness to help you achieve your goals.


Craft a success roadmap

Gigex Step 3

Our executive leaders' deep technology and business experience paired with our solutions architects and engineers are the key to Gigex’s value. Our engineers are great communicators as well and are an integral part of building client blueprints. We leverage over 20 years of global technology experience from the Fortune 500 to high-growth startups, our team will quickly identify all the possible solutions to meet your needs.


Connect with the best suppliers

Gigex Step 4

We dive into our robust portfolio of over 200 leading suppliers with “a best solution” vendor-neutral perspective. We’re constantly learning about new capabilities from the top suppliers in the market. We help you set up demos, deep dives and we sit on your side of the table during the process. This means you have complete freedom of choice to select from the very best options that suit your needs, rather than be forced to use the few suppliers you already know and their “one-size-fits-all” solutions.


Analyze the results

Gigex Step 5

Once we’ve thoroughly matched your needs and vetted the suppliers and their respective solutions, we provide detailed analysis and recommendations so you can make the best decision. We make sure they are a good cultural and business fit and then help you select the partner best suited to your needs.


Choose your supplier partners

Gigex Step 6

Remember, we’re an adviser, not a reseller. We will help you contract directly with the chosen suppliers. We’ll be there to support the process with our real-world experience supporting many deals for clients. Our diversified buying power enables us to help you negotiate the most favorable terms. Our compensation is earned from the supplier only when you’ve contracted with them at which point they pay us a “channel sales” commission. We only get paid when you’re successful so our interests are always aligned.

We support you through the lifecycle of your project and help along the way. We complement the supplier relationship and intervene to help solve issues or questions. We are here to simplify your technology procurement process and our team is dedicated to your success.

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