About Mark Friedler

Blockchain, Fintech and Games Leader

Mark is CEO of crypto, Web3/blockchain and games consultancy, Gigex, Inc. He’s a serial entrepreneur with a background in games, digital assets, SaaS and enterprise services. He is the blockchain expert for Dundon Advisers, a financial restructuring firm. From 2019-2020 he led the Global Blockchain and ESports strategy for the world’s largest beer company, ABInBev, at their Silicon Valley BeerGarage Tech Innovation Lab and incubator. Projects include the launch of IBM’s TrustYourSupplier supply chain network, a global logistics pilot and building the global ESports strategy with key partners and services. He advised several startup projects across the company.

Mark Friedler

Mark led business development for Swarm.fund Security token marketplace and advised several projects including XTrade, Harmony Protocol, Cappasity, Cashbet, Vertex Market and several NFT projects. His focus is on building valuable business communities through business development, sales, strategic partnerships, marketing and fundraising. He is the co-founder of the world’s largest fintech and blockchain meetup CryptoMondaysSF with chapters in 55 global cities. He is a frequent speaker, keynote and panelist on blockchain at global events including Davos WEF, CoinAgenda, CES, E3, GamesBeat, GDC, ESports Summit and other events.

He’s founded 4 companies in online games, digital currencies, B2B enterprise cloud services and media. He was the founder/CEO of Gigex, the first cloud game download service. He built GameDaily into the largest B2B games executive network, and GameDaily.com, the largest consumer games site that was acquired by AOL/Time Warner. He founded V-Cast, the first push delivery content service that was acquired by Verizon. He was Senior Director at Oracle Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud and interim president of rideshare company ICars. He’s served as an advisor and mentor to global growth company founders through US Market Access and BootstrapLabs.

At 16, he rode his bicycle 3,467 miles with a small group from New York City to Seattle. Mark’s first business introduced a chain of chocolate chip cookie stores to Sweden. He and his family are based in the Reno, Nevada Area.