About Us


We believe authenticity, integrity and dedication are essential to building lasting relationships with our clients, colleagues and partners.

Gigex is a leading technology innovation company and a pioneer in games and cloud service. We focus on 3 areas - Technology consulting and procurement, blockchain and crypto consulting and advisory and investments with several leading firms.


Gigex was founded in New York by entrepreneur Mark Friedler in 2000.

We founded the Internet’s first large file content delivery cloud service in 2000 and became the standard for leading game publishers to distribute large game demos and trailers across over 200 partner sites. In 2002, Gigex was the largest user of bandwidth in New York City with servers across multiple data centers. Gigex acquired games content company GameDaily and built it to be the #1 games site as measured by ComScore.  GameDaily was acquired in 2006 by AOL TimeWarner.


Gigex leveraged its game experiences and worked with several top television and online entertainment brands to build custom virtual worlds. Gigex also consulted with pioneering streamed game service Gaikai in helping build its initial go-to-market strategy and it was acquired by SONY.  Gigex supported several top games and media companies building both products and strategies helping scale companies in the SaaS and free to play games businesses.

In 2015, Gigex’s focused on the growing cryptocurrency market investing in Bitcoin and supporting several new blockchain companies. Gigex leveraged its expertise in building large distributed cloud services and helped several blockchain companies with their growth plans and ICOs.


Gigex today supports clients who are looking to grow their technology services. We leverage our entrepreneurial DNA, together with experience of building and scaling digital businesses. Our team brings this experience to help your business grow through smart technology choices and decisions. We consult with you to help you choose the right fit from a crowded marketplace. Let us know how we can help.


We are experts in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi and NFTs. We leverage our deep industry experience and contacts to consult and advise projects on growth, marketing, strategic partnerships and growth strategy. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore options for us to be of help.


We work closely with projects we advise and help them engage with suitable investors. We work with a variety of projects from Layer1 protocols, games, NFTs, DeFi and DApps. If you have a project you want us to review, kindly submit it from our contact form. We share deals among an exclusive private network of funds, teams and whale investors. We are currently serving as Venture Partners with PlutusVC out of Hong Kong and Singapore.